I’m Lazy and I’m Damn Proud Of It

Time has always been intriguing to me. It’s what we want most, but what we use worst. It seems that as I experience life, time seems to be moving faster. Years start to feel like months, months start to feel like days, etc. I heard that “Time is the most valuable asset you can never own” by Entrepreneur Mark Cuban and I couldn’t agree more. Because of this statement in addition to my initial belief, that’s the reason why I am an advocate of being lazy. I know what you’re thinking…Seyf, isn’t that contradictory? That doesn’t make sense. Let me explain.

Just because I am lazy, doesn’t mean I don’t get tasks done, or I don’t care about deadlines and due dates. What I mean by that is that I am efficient. I love hacking any sort of system and challenging myself to find the most efficient and effective method of solving any problem. This is the engineering mind that I was gifted with ever since I was a child. Whether it was for school projects, or finding prospective clients for my business, I always think to myself “How can I get the most done in the least amount of time?”. Being able to find more time for myself has given me the opportunity to explore other fields such as creative design or music or research. I would rather explore other fields to see how I can enhance my capabilities instead of being consumed with one task or project.

I started becoming aware of the term “Work/Life Balance” and this is something that most should be thriving to achieve. I always hear about students pulling all nighters or entrepreneurs working 80 hours a week, but that can back fire in the future. We live in such a competitive world, we tend to forget some other aspects of life such as family, friendships, traveling, personal development, etc. With the lack of surrounding a support system around you, it will be difficult to raise your self esteem, self confidence and piece of mind. I keep my head straight by having the right people around me, from my friends and family to my team. They all keep me in my place. If I didn’t have them supporting all the work that I do, I wouldn’t be in such a solid place.

After optimizing my time management and finding some spaces in my schedule, I make use of that time by focusing on personal development for my physical, mental and spiritual self. Dietary changes, exercise, reading, knowledge seeking are a few examples of personal development I have added to my life. Because of this shift in mind set, it has helped me perform at a much higher level in both my business and my education. Even listening to more entrepreneurial podcasts instead of music has helped with my personal development as it constantly makes my mind spinning with ideas .

All in all, hacking my schedule has helped me become a better individual overall. I still have a long ways to go, but I know that it will get better from here. With this mindset, it has helped me become happier, more accomplished and less stressed.