informational interviews:
The informational interview is a highly focused informational gathering session that yields a view from the inside. For the purpose of my informational interview I called some seniors and one of my teachers that had my field. First of all I called them .just one senior picked my call at that time .as she knew me already .so start from slam & dual as causal .and after that I asked her about my field and profession .she discussed me positive point and some negative points .firstly I introduced you my senior ,her name was Mishal khan ,she is doing job in NISHTER HOSPITAL Multan .she is student of 2nd bag in my university .as she graduated from king Edward medical university .she was so lucky and she got job easily in Government sector. I told her about my graduation that will complete in may 2016.and told her after graduation what I have planned for my future life .I asked her about job and culture of that area. I also explained the purpose of my call and call duration was 25 minute and asked many question from her and she answered all questioned .she talked with me very friendly. She explained each and every thing that I asked .some of the question I asked were:

1 what are the various jobs in this fields or organization????

2 How was her experienced in NISHTER hospital in our field??

3 how did you get a job?

4 what jobs and experienced have led you to your present position??

5 Do you finding your job exciting or boring?

6 How does a person progress in our field??

7 what is the best way to enter in this field??

8 what are the advancement opportunities in this field.

9 what are the skills that are very important for this position in this field??

10 what you can tell me about your culture??

11 what is the average length of time for an employ to stay in this job you hold??

12 what particular skill or talent are most essential to be effective in your job?

It was very amazing interview because she talked with me friendly she gave me good suggestion, good ideas. she explained all things about my field before that I did not know any knowledge .It was very informative and very effective for me .she asked me to contact every senior as they had job .in this way your strong network will help you to go forward .I find this activity very interesting .because I confused whenever I talked someone .I really happy to know that this activity bring a confidence within me .I ll be able to talk in session .because I have ability and want to success and I have very keen of to develop every effective skills in mine. At the end I will say am happy to know about my career plans .

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