Learning from Others: Exploring the Life Purpose of your Network:
To learn and know the life purpose of people in my network I send email to four of my friends. But they did not respond on email. So after that I call them and ask about their life purpose. All of them shared very thoughtful and interesting life purposes. There are very few people in the world who clear about the purpose of life. When I started the knowing the purpose of life of other people I am very happy because everyone has different purpose of life.
 I listened different point of view and different purpose of life that they all passionate about it.
 My friend said: 
 Rabail says:
 She wants to get a job in NGOS after graduation. The purpose of her life after completing her education to get a job for supporting her family.

Fatima says: 
 she wants to get admission in mbbs after passing entry test .Her purpose of life to serve the humanity.
 Ayesha says:

She wanted to become good human being who helps the needy persons.

I learned that people who are some objective in their life they are much more motivated and live a very productive and purposeful life and every act which they perform near to them towards their dreams and they improve themselves with the passage of time to live with their dreams.

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