My strengths:

Learning about your abilities from yours friends. Really it was very awesome and very interesting to know our abilities and the ideas and thought that friends have towards me. I asked to my friends to tell me what ability I have .we spent most of the time with friends and family .so it was precious time for me .because together we learn more. Most of the time I spent time in hostel with friends .I came to know my abilities that I have unaware of them .As some comments were unexpected .but mostly comments were similar. I got comments in two to three days because I sent message to friends and my siblings and some closely friends. I was thinking about their comments because everyone wants to listen most surprise. And I am one of them. I was waiting for their response. I came to know many abilities and skills that I have but mostly I was unaware of them. At that time I was very happy after knowing my abilities and skills. Because these things encourage you to move forward for more learning and gaining something better

.I was appreciated and motivated by their response. I was thinking I will do everything for to encourage myself .The abilities and strength that were common from all my friends were: hard-working ,determined ,friendly ,caring ,convince people friendly ,punctual helping in all matter to others ,a good guider ,the ability that was very common was hard-working .All my siblings appreciated me on hard-working. All liked my hard-working abilities. Some my friend said I am good in cooking .But some comments from my friend was very unexpected .some said you have good taste in dressing ,some said you are aware of her responsibility as a daughter, very loving nature. Some said you always give positive response whenever I talked or whenever I met with you.

.some my friends said I learnt from you that how to be courteous and show patients. I was very surprised to hear that one my friend said that I am very strong and independent. I am very strong about his decisions. We were side by side in our mid comprehensive proof and during all exams I did not ask for help even for one mcq. I am self confident and trust myself. I appreciate to be self confident person. Be like nasreen. After this response I was very happy because she told me reality of mine .some my friend said I am very co_ operative and some friends told me time when I helped them and gave courage at that time. After this session the skills and abilities that I have are: hard-working, caring, friendly, honestly, co operative, good guider, good response