A mini library at home

When I was in metric,I was very fond of reading novels and literary books. For this purpose I used to save my pocket money, so that I would purchase literary books and be able to read them out in my leisure time. But due to some financial problems and having not own home(house was on rent), I could not fulfill my goal. My goal was to establish such kinds of mini library to enhance my own knowledge and also want to dedicate this library to the women who have interest in novels and literature.

To achieve this goal I have to convince my parents because they are religious and some kind of conservative. I have to save money from my pocket money and I need some financial help from my friends. I had to vacant a small store room to initiate this task .

Firstly I have to convince my parents because they were strict at that time. The challenges that I faced in the past were permission from parents, financial problems, house was on rent (lacking room to fulfill my task.

While completing my task I learnt sabr-e-jameel, because to convince my parents was a big challenge for me. But I faced that challenge with patient and became determined that boost up my confidence. By collecting books one by one I achieved my goal in the form of mini library .It is truly said aik aur aik giyara. From this experienced I have learnt to face challenge patiently and do not quit in any case.

In order to complete my task I will dedicate my whole life because it’s a lifelong process. I have decided to give a share of my pocket money to purchase books every month. i have also developed a habit to visit books melas which are held in anarkali. From there one can get classy literature in cheap price.

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