Aim of my life to help just needy person.

Example from life of Edhi sb which I have impressed very much is to help the needy who really deserve for it. Because there are so many (named) beggars in our society that really do not deserve any kind of help.
 Example from my life is that one day I found a 60 year old women on outside of eye OPD.she was weeping with a 15 year girls that was her daughter. Her daughter was suffering from eye problems (night blindness).She told me that her husband is paralyzed and I work in people s house to earn livelihood. She told me I have not so much money for her treatment .I consolidated her and took her to my professor and asked for free medical chekup. My professor checked her properly because he was very kind-hearted. And he was pleased by my this deeds of kindness. My professor recommended eye drops that was very much costly .But I arranged that eye drops to that girl on my own cost.It was my pocket money .That women gave me alot of prayers and now I send that eye drop to that women free of cost .I felt pleasure by helping the needy that really deserve for that. It is my immense pleasure to help such kind of deserving humanity