World Food Programme resumes school feeding programme in almost 40 percent of the Central Asian country’s schools

Children in Tojikobod District having their WFP school meal. Photo: WFP/Nasrullo Ramazonov

In April, schools in Tajikistan were suspended and children sent to early summer break due to increasing COVID-19 cases in the country. However, WFP continued its support to schoolchildren from the most vulnerable families. In May it provided 24,000 families with a one-time take-home ration.

While schools reopened in mid-August — two weeks earlier than scheduled to compensate for time lost during the longer summer break — WFP resumed school feeding in September in Sughd Region and the Districts of the Republican Subordination (DRS) as it had been facing a shortfall during the first month due to border closures and…

An app helps health-providers keep tabs on rural children suffering from malnutrition in the Central Asian country where the World Food Programme (WFP) implements projects to tackle malnutrition among children.

Family nurse Natasha. Photo: WFP/Armon Jonboboev

Natasha is a family nurse in her village’s medical centre in Jaloliddini Balkhi district, a remote area located in southern Tajikistan. This medical centre is often bustling with mothers, children, pregnant women, and other village residents who approach Natasha not only for health care, but also with their sorrows and problems. She always meets patients with smile and treats everyone with the same compassion.

Despite being in a remote and hard-to-reach location, Natasha now uses the technology that to keep digital information on children who receive treatment for moderate acute malnutrition.

Nasrullo Ramazonov

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