Customize NFTs with Different Traits. A 1/1 Collection Created by The Holders. Empowering Tools with Sensational Art. The First Metaverse Laboratory.

Have you ever bought an NFT at launch and didn’t like what you got? Or maybe you like an NFT that is listed for sale but its too expensive, it’s all about the art that represents the NFT, what traits it has and how rare it is. Well don’t you just wish you could play around with the traits to create the perfect NFT that you wanted, Let’s talk about it.


We here at The Laboratory are focusing on customization. Our holders add/remove different traits and create the NFT that’s based on their own taste, exactly how they want it. You get to decide how rare your NFT is and how good it looks. You can sell it for profit or keep it to make even more rare NFTs.

How It Works?

1- You Mint/Clone a Cybergenic Wolf from our collection. This wolf will gather $DNA for as long as you stake it.

2- You and your Wolf need to gather Instructions. These instructions will provide you with mechanism of creating a new trait from the $DNA you already collected.

3- You can create new Traits using your instructions and $DNA. Then you can list them for sale or keep them to use them, if the Trait is used, it can’t be ever used again, it becomes exclusive to the NFT you made.

4- Gather a full set of Traits to create your NFT. There are no Identical NFTs or Duplicates. Your NFT will be 1/1 in the Advanced Metagenic Collection.


Your freshly cloned Metagenic will have more skills and abilities; therefore, it will collect $DNA and instructions faster. So, you can use it to create an even more rare, more advanced Cyber Creature. More is yet to come…


Many verification methods and security procedures will take place while collecting and cloning. Traits will be burned when used. This will ensure that your traits are safe and no duplicates will be created.

Our mechanism will ensure that once you create your new advanced Wolf, there are no duplicates and there will be no duplicates.

EMPOWERING HOLDERS. A collection created by The Holders

We provide our holders with tools to create their own full collection. Rarities, skills and abilities will apply based on the instructions and traits collected. Live up to your Fantasy…

Sensational Art

Top-notch, High Quality and Unique. That’s what we believe in. We want to create the best 1/1 NFT collection out there. Our artists are highly skilled and experienced amazing people. We want our holders to own something that they want to show off and be proud of.

Welcome to The First Metaverse Laboratory!

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I got a feeling i like NFTs. Probably cause i make them. Cybergenic Wolves Lab it is.