A walk to remember

Chicago, the city of big shoulders, the windy city, the second city, the black city, the white city. Getting to see the city in new ways has been amazing. Learning about its history, its art, its architecture has been eye opener. Walking has changed for me, it’s not about going from one place to the next, it’s about what happens in between. I learned to pay attention to my surroundings, the smell, touch, sound, and even taste. I used to drive from one place to the next without even knowing how I got there because everything became a routine for me, I paid no attention to what’s going on around me, but now I try to be more aware. Chicago is nowhere near the same as the place where I grew up, the place that I call home, Algeria. Chicago has so much more diversity, but the one thing that has always stood out to me about this city is its different ways of transportation.

Moving to Chicago all the way from Algeria was very tough, I didn’t know the language nor did I know the place. To get familiar with my surroundings, I used to just go outside and walk around my neighborhood and pinpoint certain things so I can find my way back home in the end. That is why following the colors of the little chips was my favorite walk. Not knowing where I’m going to end up or where I’m going to or what am I going to see during the walk reminded me a lot of how things were when I came here. Another one of my favorite walks was when we walked around Pilsen. To un-stress myself I paint or go out and take pictures of the random things. The murals and the art displayed all around Pilsen is what really interested me and connected to me. I loved the fact that behind every mural, there was a story. Behind every one of my paintings and every picture I have taken thus far lies a little story of what inspired me to make that painting or take that picture, just like every step I’ve taken in every exploration tells the stories of my time in this class.

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