Introducing EXRN @lias

Nassim Bah
Oct 16, 2019 · 2 min read

As we’ve talked about before, we’re focused on delivering qualitative, flexible and easy-to-use services and features to our users.
We would like to allow our users to use their contact aliases as simple as possible. This is why we strongly think that sending/receiving assets to/from a unique alias is the way it has to be.

How it works

All EXRN users with an EXRNPay account have multiple wallet addresses for each blockchain. If a user wants to add another wallet address, he can do it under his account. Every single wallet address will be linked to his main user’s alias.

Link to the video:

You will be able to manage your alias preferences, by choosing the primary wallet address for a specific blockchain.
For example, if you have 3 ETH addresses, you will have to select one of them as your primary one in order to receive a payment. By default, the last one created will be chosen.

With this feature, We’ve simplified the experience of adding and managing multiple blockchain addresses.
Wallet addresses will still be in the background, but the user won’t see it at a first glance, as it is more likely an “additional” information. If the user wants to check the entire wallet address, he will still have this possibility.

Any $EXRN app user would be able to create aliases, so they can send and receive tokens easier (pay and be paid, so to speak.)

To sum up, aliases are a helpful way for users to receive token sent to a main alias all in one place.

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