Instagram Stories vs Snapchat

The latest update on Instagram’s User Interface

So, Facebook made a nice sneaky little hit on Snapchat this week. And, not to mention, to our heads.

I’ve read a lot about Instagram ‘copying’ Snapchat to create this feature and all the crazy analysis and philosophy on if this was a right move or not. Well if there is something there to ‘blame’ Mark, eh… Facebook, eh… Instagram for, is the perfect timing and the great use of data, understanding their market and delivering something cool.

Looks like our today’s lesson is…

if you can’t beat them go with them or, if you’re bigger, buy them and if they’re better copy them..

But is it actually good?

The good side of things, is that all my friends are already on Instagram and it’s already connected to my Facebook account. The bad side is the same as above.

I’ve only used for a day but I know I’d love to have an option to turn on and off people’s Insta Stories. Stories are more ‘personal’ and raw. I’d like to choose if I want a person’s insta feed or stories feed or both.

Some of my first reactions using Instagram Stories

After all, I choose to follow people I don’t know on Instagram because they post great pictures. In the same time I do not follow some Facebook friends because of some dull pictures (no offence).

The fact I follow someone on Instagram should not mean that I want to see their Stories. Because, if this true what’s next, Facebook? Force me to see my Facebook friends Instagram on my Facebook Newsfeed? Actually, if they don’t plan to fix this they may end up sending more people to Snapchat but, if they do (and I’m sure they will), then it’s a definite win for Facebook, eh… I mean Instagram.

So what about the User Experience?

It seams that they where in a hurry to launch it so we have it during Summer :)

There are some brilliant solutions when it comes to details and the on-screen writing tool is pretty good.

On the negative side, it feels like we have two different navigation systems that lead to two completely different experiences that at some points link to each other but often you can feel lost. The merging of the new feature to the old UI reminded of when two universes collide in J.J. Abrams’ Fringe.

What can I say… We live in interesting times!

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