How to choose the right Amazon PPC expert


  • They are really agencies. Not a solo freelancer selling himself as an agency. The main pro of an agency is to be able to recruit experts to match their clients needs.
  • You will have a dedicated long term expert. Your business, niche and ambition needs to be perfectly understood. Nothing worse than working with changing experts that doesn’t follow your business evolution over long term.


47 Amazon PPC Tools. Thanks David Zimmerman !


  • Your niche / market
  • Where you are right now and what you are struggling on
  • Your mid and long term goals
  • They won’t promise short term results. They know that even applying the best methods cannot guarantee good results.
  • They might even question your product quality and pricing. Putting all efforts on a bad product won’t make it succeed. Same for a bad pricing.
  • They will talk about strategy, experienced based, with examples, not only theory.
  • They will ask for your product cost, help you define your target ACOS and goals.
  • They will report to you each week. Daily reports are often not relevant, monthly not granular enough.

How do I know that ?

Long days, talking to Amazon experts.




Lead Software Engineer & Amazon Seller. Founder @

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Nassuf Mmadi

Nassuf Mmadi

Lead Software Engineer & Amazon Seller. Founder @

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