With You

I’m with you,

Your head rests against my left cheek,

You’re watching so attentively,

Vast darkness, we’re not alone

flopped on a leather throne.

Resting on your right hand -your face

Index and middle finger on your cheek

Ring finger, pinky over your lips

The glowing screen grips

scent heavy and strong

your natural balm.

fragrance tailed by body heat

Sensuous warmth varnishes your Aroma

the baffle — my breathing you in

: a sample I store in my left chest.

Only sitting with you.

elbow resting on my knee

As if your world’s resting on me

honored that you a lay burden on me

Like A master giving a trusted student responsibility,

I could bear any yolk you make my liability

Remember — just sitting with you.

locked in cinematic flight

A plot so intriguing,

Your departure is near but

Time has long left your conscience

so enthralled you are in that glowing screen.

But me, I’m sitting with you.

I wonder how long I get to

Sit with you

Years? Decades?

A life time…

what we await is concealed, while we sit

Or is it, this sitting is what we’ve been awaiting since the cradle!

sharing this Shekinah silence with.

loving paralleled by being loved.

Where presence satiates

When our lives’ resolve is that simple relative:


Like a starving vagrant being handed

a full warm ham

I’m grateful bewildered and in disbelief…

Like a spinning social butterfly waltzing from one

adoring guest to another

I’m in a trance an adrenalin rush…

Like a born into sainthood nun as she leaves her convent

- the only world she ever new

A life changing, mind altering journey awaits me with you…

As I sit with you.

As a student sitting with an Eiffel tower of text before a test:

I sit with Commendable commitment.

As a volunteer sitting teaching a mentally impaired child to unscramble a book:

I sit with Infinite foster.

As a monk in lotus position:

I sit in tranquil intermission.

and I will remind you

That as my being is surged

With emotions I never even

imagined were possible

No matter the stand

I sit,

with you.