A few words about the Finals

Our first Final exams are coming…A couple of weeks ago I was afraid of them so much because our English History exam really scared me. However, our teacher said that we had worked well during the semester and gave some of us “A”s automatically! I was so happy that I couldn’t believe it! Also, we’ll have a Russian History test on Wednesday and if we write it well, there is a chance that we’ll get the grades automatically, too. I’m not a sucker for history, actually, so I hope we won’t have to pass this exam.

As for our English exams, we’ve already made the presentations and written the feedback which were a part of the Finals. Frankly, I’m afraid that I didn’t do my best in these types of work, so I’m a little bit worried about my English exams. But of course, I’ll try prepare for the rest of the English tests better.

And, at last, one of the main challenges of the next week is our Latin test. To tell the truth, I don’t good at Latin at all and don’t really understand it. But I think I’ll join forces with Olga and together we’ll cope with the test!