About a week ago we were given a task to choose a quote from our pleasure reading book and write about our reactions in the blog. Unfortunately, for some reasons I’ve been procrastinating for a several days but now I eventually have enough time to think about the quote which I really like properly and to share my emotions with you!

Well, the quote which impressed me is:

“Until I feared I would lose it, I never loved to read. One doesn’t love breathing”

Scout said these words when her teacher prohibited her to read with Atticus. So, the girl really enjoyed reading but she didn’t realize it until her teacher told her to stop doing it. 
For Scout reading was just like breathing — something natural, essential. That’s why she didn’t even notice that it was so important for her, she didn’t think that she loved it.

For me, it’s very understandable. When you love something or someone very much, you don’t even notice its existence; it’s just a part of your life.
By the way, it seems to me, in a way this quote is close by its meaning to another one:

“With him, life was routine; without him, life was unbearable”

Scout said it about her friend Dill. She was so used to him that his presence in her life was ordinary, it was just a routine, but at the same time, when Dill was gone, her life became unbearable. So, just like reading, communicating with Dill was an essential part of Scout’s life which importance she could fully realize only when she was deprived of it.

So, why do things like this happen? Why do we realize the importance of particular things or people only when we lose them?
From the one hand, the author of the book is right: one does not love breathing; we don’t think much about things which consist our life, we don’t think much about how important they are; but from the other hand, still, I think we should appreciate a little more what we have right now and probably this realization of how much we actually have will make our life even happier.