This week I discovered for myself a TV show about the study of body language and facial expression which is called “Lie to me”. Of course, I had heard about it before but I hadn’t watched it. Well, on Thursday we were asked to watch one episode from the show and it really impressed me! It’s a combination of interesting scientific facts, psychology and an exciting detective story.

In my last entry I described our first literature class as a nightmare. Well, one more literature class passed this week and changed my opinion. Of course, it’s still pretty challenging for me to answer our teacher’s questions but when I read some more articles about the book which we were given I understand it much better.

This week we were asked to prepare some exercises for our groupmates and be able to explain how to perform them. Well, I guess that was a real challenge for me! Though I used to go in for sports and know some sports terms, it was really difficult to explain what a person should do in English! So, I spent a lot of time, trying to find out how to perform the exercises correctly and how to explain them.

And now I’d like to share with you the impressions which I got watching the musical “My Fair Lady” this Thursday. I really wish I watched it in English, but in Russian it was pretty good, too. Also, I wondered how the actors would perform the Cockney accent which the main character, Eliza, had. So, the speech of the actress was not really correct and included a lot of slang expressions.