Four weeks left before Finals!

Well, it’s really strange and even unbelievable that we have only four weeks left before the end of our first academic year at the university. However, no matter how unusual may seem the fact that we will pass our exams in a month, now it’s time to get a grip and start preparing for the exams. That’s why I guess it’s a good idea to set a few specific goals for the last four weeks of the semester.

  1. To make at least retellings from the Training Package each week.
  2. Not to do debts in terms of studying anymore and to do everything on time.
  3. Not to procrastinate to in doing the dialogs for the finals.

And now let’s talk about the previous week using four categories.

During the week we continued studying the vocabulary connected with food and learned some new words.

Maze — лабиринт
Curt — краткий
To get smb steamed — рассердить кого-то
To sucker-punch — нанести неожиданный удар
Sparkling water — газированная вода
Chives — зубчики чеснока
Berate — ругать
Pita bread — лаваш
Processed cheese — плавленый сыр
To be in a pickle — быть в трудной ситуации


Well, I guess that it’s not a real achievement but in the beginning of the week I had some debts but then I managed to eventually complete all the tasks during the week.


As usual, the most difficult assignment for me was recording the retelling on video. Even though gradually it’s becoming easier for me, I think I’m still not good enough at retelling which really bothers me when I think about our Finals.


This week we celebrated Rita’s and Olga’s birthdays and now I’d like to share with you my impressions! We let our hair down and had a nice party at the dorm. The girls invited a lot of their friends and we spent wonderful time together. I hope, they enjoyed the party as much as me:)