There is no place like home

Yesterday I watched a wonderful filme “North” .

To tell the truth, I loved it! It is so kind and sinсere. I think it`s really worth watching.

This film is about a nine year old boy North whose parents don’t pay much attention to their son. So, with the help of his classmate Winchell and a lawyer Belt North becomes a free man and starts his journey around the world in order to find new parents. He is accompanied by an Easter Bunny who changes his personality in every scene, talks to the boy and gives him advice. However, wherever North arrives, he isn’t satisfied with his new families for different reasons. After a conversation with Easter Bunny he understands that no matter how kind and attentive new parents are, they are not his parents. In despair, North returns to New York, where a lot of dangers are waiting for him. During the North’s trip Winchell encourages children to fight for independence from parents, so he doesn’t want North to return home and does his best to prevent it. But North goes through with all the difficulties and finally meets the parents. Suddenly the boy gets up — all his adventures were just a dream, but in the pocket North finds a dollar presented by Easter Bunny. Now the boy knows that his parents really love him.

Well, there are some questions to the film that I`d like to answer…

  1. What was North’s family situation? Why was he feeling suffocated?

North’s relationship with his parents were not very good because the boy wanted his parents to pay him more attention. One day he even feels suffocated because of the nervous breakdown.

2) Describe North’s school life and achievements. Why did things start to change?

North was a talented boy. He attended drama and sport clubs. But things started to change because the boy felt lack of his parents’ attention. So, it was difficult for him to memorize his lines, to do homework well or to work out, for example.

3) What first gave him the idea of looking for new parents?

One day North was so upset about his family situation that he went to his special spot in the mall. He met Easter Bunny who gave the boy advice to look for new parents.

4) What did North decide to do? Who was helping him to put his plan in action?

North decided to travel around the world in order to find new parents. His classmate Winchel and a lawyer Belt helped the boy to put this plan in action.

5) What American states did North travel to during his search?

During the search North visited such states as Alaska, New York, Pennsylvania, Hawaii and Texas.

6) Why did not he stay in any of them?

North didn’t stay in this states for different reasons. Some of the people had a very special way of life (Amish), another people didn’t appreciated and respect North’s personality (Parents in Hawaii and Texas).

7) What other countries did he visit? Why did not he stay there?

North also visited Zaire, China and France. The boy didn’t stay in any of these countries because all of them had very special traditions that are unacceptable for North.

8) Why didn’t he stay with the Nelsons from New York State?

Nelsons were wonderful people who gave their love to North, but they were not his own parents.

9) Why did not he go to his own parents when he left the Nelsons?

Winchel tricked North by making a video in such way that North thought his parents didn’t love him.

10) Why did Winchel wanted to get North killed?

During the North’s journey Winchel encouraged children to fight for their independence from parents. North’s return home could destroy Winchel`s plans, so he decided to kill the classmate.

11) Why did his friend Adam decide to help him?

North was always kind to Adam, so this boy decided to help him.

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