This week has passed pretty quickly for me. Though we had some work to do, I had a chance to stay in my home town for more than half a week. Probably, it was the best present for the Women’s day🌼

Working from home, I’ve made some discoveries. I learned some vocabulary and I’m happy to share it with you.

Take a quick snooze — вздремнуть

Take it easy ! — расслабься, относись к этому проще

Pass the time of day — проводить время

While away the time — коротать время

Daydream — мечтать, грезить

To loosen up — расслабляться, веселиться

Breather — передышка, перерыв

To have a ball — хорошо провести время

To live in the fast lane — жить в бешеном ритме

Also, I had some little achievements. We have a pretty challenging task for tomorrow which includes watching an episode from the film “Aladding” and writing down as much as possible. Frankly, I don’t think that I’m really good at listeting, so it was really hard (and sometimes even impossible!) for me to understand what the characters were talking about. However, I kept re-watching the episode again and again and eventually wrote down almost all the text. Of course, some phrases I didn’t manage to understand and some phrases which I wrote down are complete bizare and make no sense as I didn’t understand all the words. Nevertheless, the task which seemed to me almost impossible was finished which makes me feel happier and more confident!

As for other challenges of this and also next week, we have a book to read for our literature class which is really huge and pretty strange. I hope I’ll manage to finish it on time and won’t fail the test which we’ll write on Thursday.

And in the end of my entry I’d like to mention one more task which we should accomplish by Monday. We were asked to make a list of 20 specific things which we enjoy. The task turned to be really exciting and even pleasant: I spent an hour daydreaming and thinking about the things which make me feel happy. But also this task made me think about how much time we actually spend doing things which we really like. Sometimes we are so snowed under with our homework and litttle everyday problems that forget to do things which make our life brighter. It’s not right at all, is it?

And here is my list: