Unfortunately, this week wasn’t really good for me. During these 7 days I was a little frustrated and even rather simple tasks turned out to be pretty challenging for me. For example, we were asked to learn by heart and show a little episode from the TV series “Friends”. Well, I learned my lines, I really did, but when our little performance started I realized that I remember nothing. Then recalled most of my lines but messed up the play anyway. Maybe that’s because we didn’t rehearse our play even once but still I was really ashamed.

In addition to some difficulties with my studies, I damaged my leg during our PE class and got sick on Friday. However, even though it was not the luckiest week in my life, I had a little achievement, to my surprise. During one of our English class we were divided into small groups and one person was asked to present a diet which is popular with Americans and another person was asked to translate his speech into Russian. So, Ms.B said that my translation was rather good which made me feel happy. I enjoy the proccess of translating very much and hope that maybe one day I’ll be able to do it professionally.

Well, now it’s time for sharing. Frankly, I don’t believe too much in such things as “white and black stripes” in life because a lot of things depend mostly on us. That’s why I guess my failures which happened this week especially those ones which were connected with studying were my fault. That’s why I’d like to set a goal for the next week . I’d like to make myself pay more attention to “little” things in my homework. For example, when I meet an unfamiliar word I usually translate it but not always find out how to pronounce it correctly. Maybe some more attention to my homework will make a difference and I won’t find myself in the soup next week.

And as for measurable goals, I’m going to complete the test which we were given on Friday and (I hope) to do the retelling exercise which is a part of our package for the Finals as I didn’t do the previous one even though it was one of my goals for the last week. Also, I think that I must prepare for our Latin test which we will have next Friday.

And now let’s talk about discoveries of this week. So, we continued studying the vocabulary about food…

Blanch — ошпаривать

Bread — панировать

Freezer — морозилка

To go easier on sth — не набрасываться

To baffle — озадачивать

A grater — терка

Ladle — половник

A whisk — веничек

A colander — дуршлаг

A spatula — лопаточка

To sprinkle — посыпать

Gooey — тягучий

Knead — замешивать (тесто)

Mince — прокручивать в мясорубке

…Also we started the unit which is named “Shopping and Money”, so some of the new words are depicted on this mind map: