Well done!

My cogratulations to all the groupmates! It was a challenging month, but we managed to overstimate the difficulties and finally got used to our University.

I`m happy that all my doubts are over and that I finally know I have made a right choice. I imagined studying at the University as something a little bit boring and very exhausting. However, instead of this I`ve got enjoyable classes and unforgettable experience. How wonderful it is to be a part of English-speaking community, where everyone is fond of studying foreign languages!

Moreover, during these four weeks I understood that I hadn`t studied real English at school and with my tutor — I just prepared for the State Exam. It isn`t a problem for me to write a letter or an essay or to make a test, but my English is not very well to make a chit-chat, for example. That is why I`m so glad we learn a lot of phrases, dialogs and so-called small talks that are really necessary for being a good speaker.

Well, my post should be like a letter to myself, so…

Dear Nastya,

I`m so glad you`ve finished your first month at the University without:

  1. A wish to return to Vladimir;
  2. Getting lost in the University`s building (thanks Olga and Rita!)
  3. Feeling of dissapointment.

I really wish you worked harder, slept more and planned your time and duties better.

With love, Nastya/2/