Stop Teaching Girls to Code
Jessica Carew Kraft

I would argue it is all about balance and showing different learning opportunities to your child. Our daughter is interested in reading, painting and singing. So these are opportunities I am showing to her. That said, I would love to introduce her to computers, algorithms and math. I LOVE math, science and computers and I want to pass that love to her.

I agree with another comment below “coding vs. programing”. I hate when it is called coding, it is soooooo much more! Learning computer logic and algorithms can help with math skills development.

I was introduced to computers at age of 8 or 10, I do not remember exactly. I actually feel it was too late (and it was 30 years ago!). WAY too late. Russia had mandatory programing classes and while it was not for everyone, I loved learning and studying it.

Bottom line: I would not force my child (both, daughter and son) to “code” if they don’t want to, but I am excited to open a whole new world to them and introduce it when I feel they are ready.