New opportunities at ESS

As I said in my previous blog — English Summer School, it is the place where students can improve their English. And it is true, but it isn’t only one aim of ESS.

For me ESS it’s the place where I can meet new people and find new friends. Thanks to ESS I have a lot of new acquaintances with people from America. They all are very frank and sincere, always are ready to help us and newer criticize us for our mistakes. If I want, some of our American guests will happily continue to communicate with me via Facebook or Skype. It will be so helpful for my writing and speaking skills. Also at ESS, I can find the new friends from my University. For example, on Monday I fill myself so bad, and a lot of people I didn’t know before started to help me. One boy said later “It was the best teambuilding in my life” except this we have different activities, party and games to have a lot of fun and make new friends.

English Summer School it’s also a place where I can get a lot of new skills. For example, how to communicate with native speakers, how to explain some words to understand each other, how to write especially American resume (maybe on one day I really will need it), how to take photos, how to debate in English, finally how to speak only English three weeks in a row, etc. I am sure that’s such skills we have never get at the school or university.

As you can understand, for me ESS it’s not only classes and studying hard, it’s also new meetings, new possibilities and opportunities.

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