Self awareness should be perceived as the ultimate knowledge about one’s self. Throughout the journey of life, we often ask ourselves who am i? Or perhaps what are my strengths? As tough as the questions might sound, let it be known that these are worthwhile questions that we should seek to answer. I got to know my strengths through my friends and family and also observed myself as I interact with others and how I do things. Some of the strengths are:

  1. Being responsible- As a first born, I belief being responsible is a key trait to have. I take my responsibilities personally consistently going above and beyond doing everything I can to exceed expectations either at home or school. I am responsible with every decision I make and will not blame anyone for the mistakes I make. I was once in an entrepreneurship program called Student Training for Entrepreneurial Promotion (STEP) in University and we were suppose to start a business. As a team leader, I had to work with my members come up with ideas of the business and decided to sell scarfs and dresses. I started marketing our business and took full responsibility of it as if it was mine and we did well in the business.

2. Trustworthy - I believe trust comes along with respect. My self respect has made me trustworthy and people can rely on me with anything. The need to understand other people, not judge them and see them for who they are has made me build trust with others.

3. Supportive- I like helping people, sharing knowledge, experiences, time and energy with anyone in need especially friends and family. Seeing someone in a situation and am in a position to help, I will support them. I choose empathy, putting myself in someone’s shoes to understand them, over judgement. I love calculations thanks to my primary teacher who made me realise that am smart like any other smart student. If anyone struggles with a formula in class I would help them out, figure out the best method they can use to tackle the equation. As much as am an introvert, some things that I do makes me be close to people and understand them.

4. Honest- I like being authentic, show my true self and how I feel. This has made me build relationships with other people. It is better to loose something that I know does not belong to me than lie or pretend to gain it in a wrongful way.