Successful story.

“THERE ARE JUST AS MANY STORIES TO BE TOLD IN THE DARK SPOTS AS THERE ARE IN THE BRIGHT ONES.” Amina Khalid,a 21 year old entrepreneur, self-taught baker, cake designer and humanitarian based in Mombasa, Kenya. She is a confident, self-driven lady, passionate about business, cakes, art, technology and community development. She has a background in business management, website development & technology as a whole.

Being a self-taught baker has been one of her biggest challenge and life achievements. You know, it’s never easy to self-teach and push yourself to track. She used to learn through her mistakes…

I never used to have visions or have a big picture about my life. I new after my education I will just find myself a job, work and dedicate myself to the work I will do. I never bothered much about my life how it will be but had a conscious mind of being successful. How to achieve that was a problem.

As I grew up, things changed. Seeing the competition outside people thriving in making themselves better and being excellent in what they do. Branding themselves and showing the world who they are. This opened my mind and knew…

Values are the principles that one has to know what’s right and wrong. They determine ones behaviour. The values I have, inform me of my priorities, what I do to shape my life and making the right decisions in my life.

One of the values I have is determination. When I decide to do something out of my own will, I make sure I do it. I find something that will interest me and not bore me in the middle. Once I commit myself to it I do it with all my heart.

Self awareness should be perceived as the ultimate knowledge about one’s self. Throughout the journey of life, we often ask ourselves who am i? Or perhaps what are my strengths? As tough as the questions might sound, let it be known that these are worthwhile questions that we should seek to answer. I got to know my strengths through my friends and family and also observed myself as I interact with others and how I do things. Some of the strengths are:

  1. Being responsible- As a first born, I belief being responsible is a key trait to have. I take…

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