My son had just watched the ultimate fantasy of teen suicidal ideation. He had watched an unhappy teenage girl kill herself, and in doing so, throw all of those who had harmed her into deep regret and shame while the ghost of Hannah got to say, “Why didn’t you do anything about this while I was alive?” He watched suicide as successful revenge.
‘13 Reasons Why’ Scared The Shit Out Of Me — It Should Scare You Too
Ijeoma Oluo

First of all, I enjoyed reading your article. It’s an interesting analysis, and I can understand that, as a parent, your first instinct here is to believe that successful revenge was the penultimate message of this show. I can see why you would arrive at that conclusion.

However, I feel like you perhaps have missed a bigger and more important message: that your actions have direct consequences on the people around you, and that you must take responsibility for those actions. That’s the message that many will take away from watching 13 Reasons Why, and it takes watching the whole show to get that message, not just dipping out a couple of episodes from the end.

I have seen this show, and for what it is worth, I absolutely loved it. It breaks down the characters into individual storylines that everyone can identify with somehow or other. Clay’s ever-present regret through the entire season is completely contagious, and his absolute need to understand and make sense of what happened actually sends a stronger and more powerful message: that there is always someone who cares, and that there’s always someone who, when given the chance, will defend you.


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