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According to The first amendment to the US Constitution states "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof" The two parts, known as the "establishment clause" and the "free exercise clause" respectively, form the textual basis for the Supreme Court’s interpretations ...

The difference between

Hollywood lines up against Georgia religious exemption bill via Yahoo News Digest

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Supreme Court divided over new challenge to health care law via Yahoo News Digest

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  • When the Healthcare act was established it was not based on religion. Health as state in the Constitution is a right.
  • Congress passed the laws that support the right to health.
  • As an employee the law requires the employer to offer insurance as part of the Healthcare plan that is not based on religion.
  • Health is a right. As an employee health coverage include acts that support all health issues birth or sex is a part of health issues.
  • The United States can not interfere with a place of worships rights of worship.
  • The right to worship according to belief is different from the involvement of a person’s personal medical life.
  • Each place based on its faith has the right to make rules according to there belief. Congress the Supreme Court nor the President can interfere with such activities.
  • As people of various faiths or religions if you will call it are citizens of this country we must obey the law no matter what.
  • I suggest the sisters of the poor lock the door and throw away the keys while the parishioners are inside because unless abstinace is 100% birth control will always be a part of the American culture.
  • Bottom line the law is the Law and Healthcare was not established to harm a person’s right to health.