I am trying to help you all to understand the severity of my situation. There has been many interruptions coming from Congress and Hillary Clinton I am fully aware of the events that has transpired to make the appearance of my sincere and deep conviction that the death of ambassador Stevens was truly on part of Hillary Clinton. The activities that have been put on the internet after I have made comments or sent tweets have been put there to try to support or say that I read documentation somewhere to come up with this assessment if that’s what you want to call it over what happened with ambassador Stevens. According to the White House log in ambassador Stevens as we know him was never appointed from the president his name is not on the registry anywhere. I am NOT crazy I’ve seen the typed up messages that you have presented indicating what I have said is what actually transpired through your typing. All the interference is that I have been subject to must stop and I will proceed to the United States Supreme Court. I see that rather than to make this situation correct people in the position to make choices and decisions have decided to use nicole is a play toy. This is never been a game for me this is not Mobile strike this is real life for me whether or not you want to believe what ive indicated that’s your business right now you have violated me very badly I’m trying to put my information on Soundcloud you have interfered with that I have put time and much pain and trying to produce what you are requesting. you want to know how to connect everything and put it all together I am giving it to you and I’m telling you how these events all coincide and what makes them coobarating events to my activities. My life has been threatened there’s been bomb threats on my child’s job there has been activities at my grandson school there has been activities against me I am NOT trying to cover up for anybody I don’t care at this point I will tell what has transpired. I honestly feel that my children are in danger I know that I am in danger I go places and I see the same people in different places I am aware that the government is making it known that they are watching me now and I have provided information indicating I had a threat on my life my identity has been stolen my child now has had bomb threats on the job my grandson got activities at the school you don’t want me to tell what has actually transpired I will tell it so now you can post this for sure.