The Law is the Law

I am a full fledge demicrate. I have some issues with the current Clinton scandal.

I used the laws put in place and was treated less than a person by Hillary Clinton while employed at the department of State.

This is a country regulated by rules and laws.

The obvious and intentional interferences I have endured by the hands of the former Secretary of State is embarrassing and clear that he purports herself to be above the law.

Since my employment with discrimination and torture she still continues to tell lies.

Emails are a part of this de facto operation she concocted in Benghazi.

International laws were broken; US laws were broken. This is evident of the current situations I have endured.

She has gone to many extremes to lie while covering up the truth.

I contacted the White House after noticing threats on my life. I also notified the whitehouse of OMB control number 0930–0110. Her closes confidants and staffers are still in the whitehouse. This no longer exist after I notified the whitehouse staff.

This is important because Hillary Clinton had this phony company to come into my home under the impression I was a drug addict. This RTI company was here as representation of Health and Human Servises. My documentation provided to the investigator concerning my Discrimination complaint included multiple medications I took and still do take as a result of mental and physical work related harms.

I sent Hillary Clinton a tweet telling her to tell the truth. Bill Clinton goes on air and says this is a ploy to go against Hillary because she was running for Presidency and what you need to do is go after the synthetic drugs. This is qualifying proof of the torment I have endured as I was at Walmart getting my tire repaired a lady walked in sat down and said the synthetic drugs are bad in my neighborhood I live in South East people lay down in the streets while taking this new drug. At that moment I knew Hillary instigated the scheme of trying to convince others I am a drug user. I went to the ladies room and the girl looked all over the store for me. I had been in the Walmart for about 6 hours waiting on a tire balance. I had on the boot prescribed by the doctor and was hurting badly so I purchased a pair of slippers for comfort.

I will not post in detail all of the acts of torture I have endured but I will say this I will see you all in the UNITED STATES SUPREME COURT.


I am not a addict my meds are prescribed and the law is on my side.

Every situation involving