Poll: Should I Start Peeping ReactJS or Focus on Vanilla and Cool My Jets?

Someday it’ll be my nerd face up there with the boys.

This week covered HTML/CSS, which wasn’t terrible since “how text/images look on a page” is a fairly straightforward concept — but I definitely started to get a bit confused about different ways to use CSS.

Like should I be using float and clear/clearfix? Or flexbox? Or grid? I think grid made the most sense to me, but I didn’t realize it’s not 100% supported on everything just yet.

I’m a little worried about getting ahead of myself, but I’m also really eager to learn React (which I didn’t realize was developed by Facebook! Or at least Jordan Walke?) and I’m hoping to watch a few tutorials this weekend. I thought that the vanilla JavaScript assigned in our pre-work made a decent amount of sense coming out of Python, so hopefully it won’t be too bad? But I don’t know, people make React and Redux sound like the apocalypse.

(By the way, I know it seems like I’m churning out a lot of blog posts now, but my family’s moving next week so I’m just trying to get on decent blog footing before I might have to drop off for a bit.)

On Friday, someone in my cohort ambitiously tried to explain React to me, and it seemed to make sense. A few months ago at Oberlin, when my computer science friend tried to explain React versus Angular to me, it made way less sense and he used the term “multithreading” to describe the way React updates the DOM (and I knew what none of those words meant). Later I asked my comp sci tutor what multithreading meant, and he went on this kind of rant about multithreading in operating systems(!!!?!?) and multi-core processors and Linux and I was just 3000% lost and thought React was like a processor or something. Computers are wild.

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