10 of the Most Expensive PPC Keywords on Google

PPC campaigns can be an effective way of bringing traffic to your site, and if properly implemented, with clients directed to an effective site, can mean an excellent rate of return per click. There are lots of tricks for running a successful PPC campaign, and the right set up is key. However, it’s the kind of campaign that can be costly, and for certain competitive keywords, each click could cost upwards of £100+. Here are 10 of the most expensive keywords on the international PPC market, and how much Google will charge for each click.

San Antonio car wreck attorney — $670.44

It’s no surprise that legal terms have costly PPC keywords. A single client suing after a car crash could bring hundreds of thousands to a firm. However, companies looking to implement PPC campaigns for terms such as ‘accident attorney Riverside VA’, or ‘personal injury attorney Colorado’ can expect to pay hundreds of dollars per click.

Best business smartphones — $336.31

Smartphones can be costly, and if you are selling phones with 24-month contracts, or even longer, then each client could be worth thousands to you. It’s no wonder this industry has costly PPC terms.

Play live blackjack — £148.51

The UK’s most expensive keyword is related to online gambling, and it’s no surprise given the competitiveness of the industry, and the potential value of each customer. Gambling terms such as ‘rolete’, ‘casinoonline’, and ‘play live casino’ dominate the top ten most expensive keywords in the UK, each one costing over £100 per click.

Cloud services UK — £95.80

Cloud computing services can cost businesses hundreds each month, so each potential customer searching for cloud services is valuable. Any service that is subscription based will be especially valuable to advertisers, as this means a stream of income for many months.

Big data analytics pdf — £95.73

Specialist services such as big data analytics attract high PPC rates. Big data analytics is the practice of finding patterns in data such as market trends, and is therefore the kind of service companies will pay a lot of money for. This means it’s a valuable keyword to advertisers.

How to sell a structured settlement — $407.90

Structured settlements are a form of compensation where the victim is paid a certain amount monthly. This is usually to allow them to pay for care or to compensate for loss of a monthly salary. Some firms will ‘buy out’ a structured settlement for a lump sum, which can net them a lot of profit over time. Since some structured settlements are worth millions, firms that buy them out are obviously prepared to pay a lot for each click.

MBA online classes — $274.47

MBAs are a prestigious business qualification, and even an online course can cost £15,000 in the UK, which is still considerably less than the fees at a standard university. Therefore, the market is competitive, and if you want to run a paid search campaign for MBA classes, you can expect to pay more than $200 per click.

Cerebral palsy compensation — £82.85

Ranking among the UK’s top 100 most expensive keywords, ‘cerebral palsy compensation’ is big business. The condition can often be caused by medical negligence or a traumatic birth, which means that a compensation claim could be worth millions of pounds, making this a valuable keyword.

How to get cheaper auto insurance — $309.32

Car insurance is a really competitive term all over the world, and with insurance costs on the rise, many auto insurance terms top the list of most expensive keywords. This is because people often don’t change providers, and so one new customer could mean years of sales.

Help with alcohol — $273.33

You may not think ‘help with alcohol’ would be an expensive term, but in the USA which is full of expensive rehab facilities, advertising to alcoholics is big business.

PPC campaigns can be a great way to target certain keywords, and to get the right people on your site. For the most competitive, high value industries, this can mean spending a lot of money per click, but not all keywords are this expensive. Consider looking at less popular keywords with higher intent, or long-tail keywords, as this can be a better approach for a PPC campaign.

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