Feeling the Feelings

Envy is a poison really. It kills them from within (ahahaha HA).

When they quantify other people’s successes and cannot stomach that someone is content in every possible way. When their labels and boxes don’t stay and don’t fit. When they are wrong. When they cannot admit and face their own flaws, when they feel the need to point out the obvious time and time again. When they are not needed nor desired, not loved nor admired for who they are. This is what kills them and the passion in the people around them. When they don’t love themselves, when they don’t respect themselves, when they treat themselves as a unit a brick a flesh, then they are not able to love, admire, cherish and nourish others and celebrate their wins and gains.

The sad reality is that there are many seemingly kind people out there whose kindness is a fake poisonous mask. One have to be very careful to not fall for it. Scam artists are more real than ever and it’s a very dangerous business for human race. Just beware, naivety is not a crime, it’s a weakness.

Use all your senses to detect pretend humbleness, kindness and generosity.