Rivet (RvT)

The Decentralized & Mobile Cyber Security Token.

Rivet (RvT) Token Sale Terms

Total token supply fixed at 200 Million (200,000,000) RvT, of which:

  • 70M available in tokensale
  • 60M promotional tokens used for approved marketing and incentive purposes
  • 30,000,000 available
  • 30,000,000 locked by smart contract for up to 1 year
  • 70M reserved for future use.
  • 10,000,000 now,
  • 20,000,000 locked by smart contract 12 months
  • 20,000,000 locked by smart contract 24 months
  • 20,000,000 locked by smart contract 36 months
  • Tokens will be sold for ETH.

Putting Tokens and RvT on the device The device is provisioned with RvT tokens and the owner of the device determines the policies that are in place and required before the TEE can use any of those tokens. The TEE policy can be altered by the owner of the device locally or remotely at any time depending on the requirements for compliance The TEE will always follow policy to transfer the tokens and such instruction will always include a verification that the TEE is in a reference condition. This prevents any tokens from being transferred by the machine without the owner-approved policy being applied. There are three different phases of operation

Step 1

The device is paired with the Cybercontrols Marketplace

Step 2

The device calculates its internal health and integrity hash and prepares to have the manufacturer signatures for the core root of trust verified by the Cybercontrols Marketplace

Step 3

The Cybercontrols Marketplace executes an owner-provided script to validate any external controls, Enterprise or cloud. It also verifies the manufacturer core root of trust signatures are valid for the Internal device tests. The external health hash is returned to the device. The RvT will be used to obtain these services as required.

Step 4

The device uses an RvT token to seal the combined internal and external health hash and record this reference health measurement on the Global Attestation and Identity Network. There is a microtransaction required to perform this service. The device records the location of the health hash for later use

Step 1

The user selects a service that requires a health check and the device creates a unique transaction ID.

Step 2

The device performs an internal real-time test and an external real-time test and calculates a combined real-time health.

Step 3

The device seals the combined real-time health hash with the reference health hash locator with an RvT token and transmits the request to a Cybersecurity Controller for verification of a match.

Step 4

The Cybersecurity Controller retrieves the reference health hash and compares it to the real-time health hash. If they match, the device can be said to be in a reference condition.

Step 5

The Cybersecurity Controller delivers the logged event with a transaction ID to the global attestation and identity network and the results of the verification to be logged by the application as appropriate.

Step 1

A request is made to audit a transaction.

Step 2

The transaction ID is used to locate the logged event and verify the test was true.

Step 3

The reference health hash is received.

Step 4

The owner provides the Cybercontrols Marketplace the hash and the transaction ID that was used to create the external hash and the process executed to calculate the internal hash. The Cybercontrols Marketplace will verify the math and generate a transaction report for the owner proving the controls that where measured prior to the execution of the transaction.

There are many capabilities that may provide future expansion for service delivery and enhance the functionality of the network and the utility of the RvT token in turn. The RvT could be used by many members of the network, and it is expected that services will grow over time.

Enterprise/ Individual Ownership of a RvT will generate transactions: • Register owner account • Register the identity of their devices from 1 to thousands • Record reference integrity measurements • Manage policies on the device for access to and use of services • Administer access to logged compliance and encryption data • Update and remove devices • Manage and make global micropayments for service • Have access to use the Rivet Network

A global market for RvT tokens

The market for RvT Tokens is vast and would be utilized by both currently shipped devices and future
security chip and device sales. Driven by global cybercrime, regulations and the mushrooming IoT market,
there is a mandate for a better solution to security.

A growing demand for improved cybersecurity is crystal clear in Cybersecurity’s recent report. Cybersecurity Ventures, a firm that delivers cybersecurity market data, insights, and groundbreaking predictions to a global audience of CEOs, CIOs CSOs, venture capitalists, and government cyber defense leaders, predicts cybercrime will continue rising and cost businesses globally more than $6 trillion annually by 2021. The firm forecasts that global spending on cybersecurity products and services will exceed $1 trillion cumulatively over the next five years, from 2017 to 2021. In 2017, Cybersecurity Ventures expects the global cybersecurity market to be worth more than $120 billion, having grown roughly 35 times over 13 years. The firm further expects 12–15 percent year-over-year market growth through 2021.3 The current mobile market with Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) capability is over one billion shipped devices. Combined with an estimated one billion enterprise grade PCs deployed, this creates a market of over two billion devices with the ability to upgrade to Rivetz improved security. Looking ahead, the opportunity grows even more rapidly when the explosive IoT market is added to PC and mobile device sales. The RvT Token business model encourages chip manufacturers like Intel and Infineon to include the RvT Token when selling their chips or device to manufacturers like Lenovo, Dell, and Samsung, to include it in the PC or mobile phone.

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