Journal entry n.1

This week’s videos and readings answer to the question How do we learn? I as a learner and pedagogy student think that the best way for learning is through experience and social interaction. For instance, I think that Vygotsky’s theory of learning is quite asserted because it states that children develop higher cognitive functions through the process of socializing with more competent others. I think that if we guide learners through the learning process and gradually release responsibility until the child can perform the activity without help, he will be able to develop skills that go beyond their actual state of development. This is what Vygotsky calls the Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD). I think that we have to interact with others in order to learn, and construct meaning together. Also, I believe that Dewey’s conceptions about learning are quite important when considering how do we learn. Dewey claims that we learn through experience because if we are not involved in the learning process and are just only passive agents we won’t actually learn. We learn by doing, being actively involve in tasks doing things that are related to our lives, things that are meaningful. In this way we will be engaged in the task and motivated to learn.
I think this course What future for education? it will be very useful because it will help me to understand better what is actually happening with education in other parts of the world and consider a different perspective of what teaching and learning means to other people.

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