Are you polluting the water you and your loved ones drink?

Natália Costa
Jul 31, 2019 · 8 min read

Stop being a Speech Terrorist!

“No matter what anybody tells you words and ideas can change the world.”

Is the power of speech a real thing or is it just a by-product of our imagination? Whether for scientific reasons or due to the placebo effect, words do have an impact in the way we behave and feel.

The placebo effect — as described here — has a stronger impact that we might have thought. In fact, scientists are concluding that we are the placebo.(1,2,3) The nocebo effect is also a powerful source of behavior. Whatever we believe in — or we don’t believe in — becomes our reality. The description associated with certain diseases may cause people to have the symptoms simply due to exposure to words that generate thoughts that trigger a bio-energetic response in the body.(4)

So what is it about words meaning, vibration and/or intention that make them so impactful to the human being? Why does the way you speak to yourself matters?

Let’s take a closer look at the scientific data:

1 — You Are Made of Water

The amount of water contained in the human body ranges between 50 to 75%. Babies contain high levels of water typically from 75 to 78%, dropping to 65% by one year of age. The quantity of water varies with gender and tissue, the average adult male contains 60% water and the average adult woman has 55% water, because women naturally have more fatty tissue than men and the more fatty tissue a body has, the less water it contains.

The vital organs are also made of 71 to 84% of water (brain, lungs, heart, liver, kidneys) and bones are 31% water.

The water in the human body serves a variety of purposes:

- It is the primary building block of cells;

- It regulates the internal body temperature as it acts as an insulator;

- It metabolizes proteins and carbohydrates, being the main component of saliva;

- It insulates the brain, spinal cord and organs, acting as a shock absorber;

- It lubricates joints;

- It flushes waste and toxins from the body;

- It carries oxygen and nutrients to the cells;

-It dissolves minerals, soluble vitamins and certain nutrients.

This is a long list of responsibilities, leaving no room for doubt that great part of what constitutes us, more than 50% of what we are is: water!

2 — What is Water Consciousness?

Water has unique properties like its density increases below the freezing point while it decreases above it. It is the only known element that exists in the three forms: solid, liquid and gaseous.(6)

“Water is the driving force of nature.“ Leonardo Da Vinci

Scientific studies have demonstrated that water not only has memory as its structure is affected by the emotions of people.(7) This is particularly noticeable in Dr. Masaru Emoto’s research and investigation that demonstrated that water molecules change their structure when they interact with positive or negative emotions or words. Dr. Emoto conducted a series of experiences for over 20 years, photographing the molecular structure in water when exposed to human words, thoughts, sounds and intentions. A few examples are:

It is quite obvious by looking at the pictures how gratitude and love affect the basic structure of water and how heavy sounds or words influence it. It also shows that water has memory, managing to save information, similarly to a computer.(6, 7) This is no surprise if we consider the basic principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine with the bio-energetic connections between emotions and body or in between organs.(8) It is also the whole basis of energy psychology or bio-energetic therapies.

The structure of water is more important than its composition, water molecules act as memory cells and record the history of interaction with the world. If water “records” outside influences from the surrounding environment, it means it is affected by emotions and words (or the intention imprinted in the power of speech).

“The human body is comprised mostly of water. And it’s common knowledge that much of the water in the world today — including the tap water many people drink on a daily basis — is polluted, tainted, and toxic. Everything in the universe — from the stars to the shoes on your feet — generates its own unique vibratory frequency. Because vibrations create sound, they can be measured by water, a “master listener” (…) If we fill our lives with love and gratitude for all, this consciousness will become a wonderful power that will spread throughout the world. And this is what water crystals are trying to tell us.” (7)

3 — Words Affect Us at a Cellular Level

If we are made of water and if water is programmable, it means we can “program” our own waters with the words we use, the thoughts we hold on to and the intentions we choose. Shamanism has known about this for over millennia as well as ancient arts such as Tantra or Taoism that have used it in their practices, especially during meditations by choosing a specific sound or mantra that resonates in a certain way with our cells. This is the principle behind Transcendental Meditation.

Coaches are also incorporating this principle in their therapies. Louise Hay’s life work was based on affirmations and their impact in our beliefs. Tony Robbins has an entire chapter dedicated to the topic in Awaken the Giant Within, explaining how the words we choose make a difference in our capacity to succeed. Dr. David R. Hawkins also included a list of words in Power vs Force to exemplify the impact and power of certain words as opposed to others stating that “Simply having read over this list, you are no longer the same person; merely to become acquainted with the differences between these poles begins to increase one’s inner power. With these distinctions in mind we will start to notice things we never observed before. Such revelations occur because, as the reader will discover, the universe favors power.”(9)

Religions also know about it and it is repeatedly stated in the Bible the importance and power of the spoken word. As described by Neville Goddard words awaken emotions and feeling is the secret, because words lead to inspired actions which explains the power of prayer when words are used with faith and determination. (10)

“What is the most resilient parasite? Bacteria? A virus? An intestinal worm? An idea. Resilient… highly contagious. Once an idea has taken hold of the brain it’s almost impossible to eradicate. An idea that is fully formed — fully understood — that sticks; right in there somewhere. A single idea from the human mind can build cities. An idea can transform the world and rewrite all the rules.”

Being aware of how we are constantly co-creating with words is a powerful tool on anyone’s life. Since words possess energy, they have the capacity to make you dream or to make you shrink. Words are the doorway for the creation of ideas. And ideas are what shapes our behavior and who we are. So words do matter!

Another interesting aspect is to observe how different languages may affect people’s thought patterns and even behaviors. As a Southern European who has been living in Scandinavia for several years, this fact became more and more noticeable to me as I was learning a language with an entirely different root than my own native language. It is not uncommon that I blend some English word or expression with my native language when I feel like it translates better a state of mind or the emotion I am trying to express. On that regards, I’ve also adopted some Nordic expressions that fit like a glove on what I am trying to say, at times. But this is a whole different topic in itself.

Bottom line, the words we use and, especially, the intention we put in our speech can determine the outcome for they affect our most inner chemistry. No wonder poetry is so impactful and can cut one through like a sharp razor. To be a poet is to create a melody with words like a musician plays a symphony. To be a journalist is to have a high responsibility on the information delivered as brilliantly depicted in the 1981 movie Absence of Malice where the consequences of a story were smashing, demonstrating how powerful words can be and how important is the reliability in what’s printed out in the newspaper.

It is about time we are aware that living in a frivolous speech age affects us at a cellular level. Watching the news is often a speech terrorist attack. To be a human being is to have the capacity to use words imprinted with intetion to communicate with each other and with ourselves, creating therefore heaven or hell. It is our responsibility to be aware that the words we choose to use affect the waters within us, as well as those of the ones around us.

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