Burgers and Cupcakes

I remember walking past this restaurant many times when walking to avoid

the busy 8th ave to get to times square, I always said I have to go there because what is a better combination then burgers and cupcakes. I mean come on now.

My friend and I decided to try it out after coming home from a long day of adventuring in Brooklyn. When we first walked in we were at first shocked because it was not really a restaurant like we thought it was. It seemed relativity empty. We looked at the menu and all of the choices were endless and slightly overwhelming even though it was simply a pamphlet. I got a burger with cheese bacon and barbecue sauce, because that is just a great combination, with a side of homemade french fries. I asked what drinks they had and they said they had fresh lemonade, so naturally I ordered that. My friend ordered her food and we found a table and sat down. The atmosphere was very homey like, there was music playing in the background, and games and books all over the place. We found operation and relived some of our childhood before our food and drinks arrived within the 15 min of us ordering. The food tasted as good as it looked and the lemonade was in a cute mason jar and tasted super good.

The only bad thing was the man at the register that took the order was slightly rude and did not seem to enjoy his job in the slightest. This became more so apparent when we returned to the counter to order a cupcake to go. He became obviously annoyed when we couldn’t decide which cupcake we wanted to get. The cupcake was clearly fresh and tasted very good.

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