It’s taken me months to write this article but this is an important question for me — I often ponder to myself what’s the point of going to a reiki session, a yoga class, read spiritual books, take Ayurveda workshops and participate in group meditations. What is it that I’m trying to get from these activities and why can’t I learn this knowledge from solely reading textbooks as the Western world has accustomed me so.

I’ve been through moments of much self doubt, during most of my life. I believe that moments of self doubt is necessary — I thought…

As a Business Analyst in software development and working as an outsourced contractor for clients in many global locations, experience has been the key to nail down extensive sets of requirements while juggling the dynamics of project management — namely agile methodologies.

To start, I want to point out that the breadth of what a Business Analyst has to do with requirements in a software project is huge and varies per project to say the least. Nonetheless, I want to give a general overview on the overall requirements definition process.

Getting started…

For me, this always is the most difficult…

Natalia Jane Furtado

Hi! By profession, I’m a Business Analyst in software projects. By heart, I’m curious, imaginative & have bilingual sensibilities! Writing is my pure joy!

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