Passive skills — listening and reading on advanced level

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Some people love to quantify everything. There is an app for measuring almost anything you can think of. It is not different with languages, but how do you distinguish a person knowing 72% of the French from a person on 74th percentile? Here, the CEFR comes to help with their guidelines of six different thresholds with each their own competences and characteristics. We have two beginner levels (A1 and A2), two intermediate ones (B1, B2) and finally two advanced ones — C1 and C2. The last ones requires you to wield a language quite well and to have reached a…

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There are very few people interested in games who have never heard about Bioshock, the original one. It has been met with great acclaim and praised for telling a real story and sending a message — about the nature of our world, economics and capitalism. Are we to discuss the implications of this game, we musn’t omit the representation of half of the population — women.

In this article, I want to discuss three elements of the original Bioshock game that show best the way the game treats females.Firstly, the female representation in Rapture and in narrative of the game…

Natalia Mecner

Data Engineer with a degree in American Studies. Passionate about learning, languages and games.

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