5 Interesting startups in 2017 that deserve your attention

Consumers face more choice than ever in today’s environment; as markets continue to develop, competition in a landscape of innovation and change can be fierce. With competitors constantly appearing, I share my top 5 customer-oriented startups for 2017 and ask, “do they have the edge over established incumbents to capture our attention?” I hope that you enjoy this list!

1. People shop, prices drop.

The first one I would like to explore is Earny, an application that gets your money back when the prices drop on your purchases.

How does it work? The application is based on the receipts from your inbox, all you have to do is search for price drops on your purchases, claim the difference and get a refund. It provides consumers an opportunity to collect their cash back within a week to six months if the prices drop. The application is free to download and register, Earny Inc’s model takes 25% of your refund as a commission, making it a win-win situation for the business and consumers who simply must find the best deal!

2. Save a little, save a lot.

The second new application generating savings is Digit, a service that automates the process of regular saving. Using AI to analyse your earning and spending habits, Digit automatically makes micro savings when you can afford it. These small payments follow a savings philosophy of ‘little and often’ to make saving painless and habitual. This strategy has appeared in several savings apps, and Digit has a super clean and tidy user experience, with text notifications and text withdrawals.

3. Get the perfect table.

Another application worth of our attention is Reserve. While finding a reservation at the top table in town is typically a frustrating affair, Reserve is a service that will help you to discover and book premium restaurant tables easily. It helps you to find a great local restaurant, book your table and get personalised service. The application retains all your historic information to provide a record of all the places you have visited.

4. Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.

If you don`t have the patience or time to read long texts here is an application for you — Hooked turns longer form plain-text stories into bite-sized, chat-style messages that makes reading more interactive. The application is useful for children and teens who are used to communicating via social networks and instant messaging. The application also allows the community to create their own stories and new stories are added daily.

5. You can`t have too many clothes. Only too few closets.

Last but not least is Dia&Co, a service that delivers clothes hand-picked from the latest trends by a stylist tailored to your profile. Combined with attractive discounts, and easy returns, the idea seems to take the hassle out of shopping; you try the clothes on in the comfort of your own home and only pay for what you love. A dedicated personal stylist, free delivery and simple yet affordable returns, as someone who loves new clothes with limited time to shop, it’s a service of dreams!

That was my first top 5 among many startups that may be very useful for you. I’d be interested in learning which startups this year have caught your eye?

I am constantly scouring the market for developments and innovations that change the way consumers interact with brands through digital tools and channels. As a team member at Atmosphere, I help clients to navigate towards a better business future.

Image is Silver Smart Watch by Hamza Butt on Flickr

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