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Gemstone industry is not bereft of cons and cheaters. Lack of knowledge among masses in regard to this trade gives such frivolous elements an opportunity to decamp with hard earned money of victims. Gemstone trade done by few operates in a closely guarded manner. Aptly so, as the value of merchandise involved in it is high and so are the risk elements, secondly, not being a commodity of daily utility or a part of daily grocery basket gemstones are often billed as prized possession to be displayed at a place of high-gentry gathering or used as investment for ill- fated days or as legacy for inheritors. It needs a sharp sight, excellent observation power and a lot of serenity to master the tricks of trade.


Though the element of afore stated risk is low in online buying of gemstone yet there are some bad players too in this format of trade. The severity of risk impact can be reduced to almost minimum by placing one’s bet on buying certified gemstone. When you buy certified gemstone online you ought not to be a master of trade because all aspects in this regards are taken care by the vendorfrom whom you buy certified gemstone online. Even then, as stated earlier, there are some bad players who can spoil the party with fictitious and synthetic gemstone. Here under, we shall through point-wise presentation try to detail the safety measures to be observed when you buy certified gemstone online to make it fool proof.

1. Demand for certificate: When you plan to buy certified gemstone online always insist for a certificate ascertaining authenticity of the buy. Only an entity of long standing shall readily provide the certificate. Cons will always dither in providing such certificate.

2. Colour: Gemstones are identified by colours. Nature has allotted a distinct colour to each gemstone as a distinct face feature to human being. When you buy certified gemstone online, though you may not be able to delve into colour of gemstone visually but a sharp picture of the gemstone can give ample idea regarding colour. A reputed and serious online player will display a huge quantity of sharp photographs in its brochure.

3. Dealer’s reputation: This may require a thorough study of different websites trading in gemstone when you buy certified gemstone online. A true and dependable player unlike a con will always establish its credentials by clearly stating its physical address, e-mail id, phone number etc. Avoid websites partially or completely hiding such details.

4. Comparison of websites: Another safety measure to evade being conned is to make a comprehensive comparison of websites when you buy certified gemstone online. This study will also result in cost saving as one might make a killing at very competitive price. Also go through the reviews of customers to gain first-hand information. A reputed website will surely satisfy a buyer.

5. Multiple payment options: A dependable website will provide multiple payment options when you buy certified gemstone online. Also ascertain the safety of payment methods. Always avoid a website where payment method insists cash payment.

6. Return policy: A reputed company will have a solid return policy. Details of return policy are always available on website of a dependable company.

7. Inquire as much as you can: When you buy certified gemstone online you put in your hard earned money in it. It is your right to inquire about the source of purchase. Buyer has full right to make a comprehensive inquiry from the website one wishes to make purchases. A genuine company will make an expert of the subject available to quell the anxiety of the buyer.

8. Certification: A serious player in the trade will always have in place a proper method of certification of the gemstone you buy online. Apart from certification facility from reputed global Gemstone certifiers it will have an in-house certification process in place.

Rasav Gems fulfils all the above parameters in its website www.RasavGems.com has earned buyer’s confidence with ethical trade practices and adherence to quality since its inception. When you buy certified gemstone online, always insist on rasavgems.