The voice that rarely stops

Cook something with the mushrooms that are going bad.

While you are buying food, pick up that massive rug from the dry cleaners. Carry it all home.

Put away the clean clothes, and why don’t you wash the three dishes left in the sink?Write those few essay responses you owe to your science teacher.

Read those articles and write your opinion on them. Make yourself sound like a responsible student that’s on top of it.

Make your senior portfolio, add your old projects. Should you print it or no?

Turn your final project into something you don’t really want, but come on! Get through it anyways. And then, make a website, graduate, and don’t forget to answer that email you mom cc’ed you on.

Get a haircut, get your nails done, go to yoga, and call your dad.

Don’t forget you have two episodes left of House. Stream them somewhere that’s not Netflix.

Show up for work and school and that random video shoot they asked you to be in. Go, be the student face of success, multitasking, and eloquence.

And while you’re at it, and because of your civic duty and deep passion for lawyer TV shows, show up to jury duty, bright and early.

For the record, I don’t listen to this voice all the time, she is quite pushy and her energy is never depleted.

Also, I still have to do most of those things, but I rather stop and reflect on the voice itself.