How passionate can you be in living a full life?

(Photo by Natalia Mistyukova)

All of us have many restrictions brought from the childhood. Don’t go, don’t eat, don’t do. But it’s very important to realize that you are grownup enough do not destroy yourself with stupid actions. To remember how many things you wanted to try. And don’t let internal voice of laziness to stop you.

I have met this guy on photo in the trip to Baikal lake in Russia. He brought self-made skates with him. And bunch of different toys like kite, hand-saw for snow to make an icehouse and who knows what else could he bring, if his bag wasn’t so small. And he never was tired to skate, to fly a kite, to build icehouse (iglu), to hike, to take pictures on sunrise, sunsets and star nights. People like him inspire. To be not lazy. And remember about how to be alive every day. And to use every opportunity to try something interesting and new.