Hi. I’m Natalia. I’m a Product Person.

My boss and I agreed that we start writing a product blog (each — his own). We have a cooking punishment system that is motivating us (at least me) to do it☺. So here goes my first blog post: an introduction.

I became a Product Person a few years ago. Though I understood what that meant only last year and actually started being one in May 2014.

Half a year ago I UPgraded from being a founder and a Chief Product Officer to a Junior Product Manager (Trainee). I am very proud of it as now I have more responsibilities, my brain is constantly jogging and my boss (I call him Gabor) and the CEO are so motivating that you just want to get up early and come to the office and WORK. They not only ask you what you think but also take your advice and use it. I think I am superlucky with the company where I am working right now.

Evolving me as a “Product”:

A few years ago I founded a startup, lets call it “the startup”.

I was doing UI mockups, mathematics (designing algorithms) and worked closely with the CTO on its development. As in most early stage startups founders are everything in the company starting from a cleaning lady and ending with doing business. So was I. For a long time I was trying on different job names: Sales Director (that sounds cool, ha?), Product Engineer (also not bad, right?)… though I never completely liked these names. And then I became a Chief Product Officer. Didn’t like it at all. But we decided to stick with. That’s how I became a Product Person.

In summer 2013 we were accepted to an accelerator: StartupBootcamp Copenhagen. WOOOT WOOOT!!! We chose to go, packed our stuff and left Russia for Denmark on September 1st, 2013.

The best thing in the accelerator was our Lean guy, lets call him Lean Jesus (that’s how everybody calls him). That’s who showed..at least to me..what a Product Person should do: define/launch/test/relaunch/test/update/test etc. Since those days I started digging deeper and deeper..but we had no real people who used the tool..it was a bit boring ☺. Then I quit my startup..or better say my startup screwed everyone who worked there.

I moved to Berlin, applied for a job, had an interview, and got accepted. That’s when I actually started working as a “Product”: Axure, Jira, mockups, great product team (consisting of 3 people), UI, testing and lots of other stuff.
During my time in this company, lets call it asgoodasnew electronics GmbH, I learned SO MUCH! I started reading many more articles on product and now I’ve started coming up with my own ideas on developing the product. And that’s exactly what this blog will be about! ☺

See you as soon as Gabor and I have another bet about a blog article ☺

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