Collaboration & Video Conferencing: HighFive Software Review

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Collaboration happens when a group of people work together towards achieving a common goal by sharing their ideas and skills. It is one of the biggest factors that contribute the success of a business providing the tool for its employees to work together and perform as a team. With businesses changing platforms, collaboration has taken a turn to the to video conferencing.

Digital collaboration is now more popular than ever and businesses are developing the ways they conference. Highfive is a video conferencing software used by companies to collaborate with employees and clients anywhere and anytime.

Highfive aims to advance work productivity in teams with easy access for small and medium sized businesses. With a sleek piece of hardware and a cloud-based video conferencing it makes face-to-face communications easy, affordable and accessible. So here it is a full review of the Highfive software, its benefits, issues and all in between.

HighFive Software Review

How does it work?

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The Benefits of Highfive

The Audio / Video

  • Features most recent speakers for fluid integration
  • High audio quality
  • Anyone can present their screen and mute with a single click
  • Visualize usage analytics by day and room
  • Dynamic video display
  • Share your screen with remote participants
  • 360 degree audio capture
  • With a range of 20x30 ft
  • No ceiling or satellite mics required.
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Multiple Video Feeds

  • Video conference from anywhere
  • With one or multiple participants
  • Up to 25 callers in one meeting
  • No limit on the number of meetings happening at the same time
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Easy dial-in

  • Dial into meetings without annoying PIN codes and passwords
  • Reservation less web meetings
  • Schedule and start meetings by typing in the name
  • Easily add a meeting link to calendar invite
  • Use of mobile apps; BYOD with iOS and Android apps
  • Start meetings in a room and finish them on your laptop without disruption
  • Invite people by email, URL or dial-in
  • Log in with Google or Active Directory
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Custom to your brand

  • Your logo, photos and brand colours on your TV and mobile app screens
  • Create your own Highfive domain


  • No per-user fees
  • No usage costs
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Source: Highfive


  • All calls are 128-bit AES encrypted
  • Single sign-on and domain based security ensure only employees can start Highfive calls
  • The waiting room prompts attendees to let in the right people
  • Verify attendees before they can join and eliminate pesky meeting passwords
  • Share your screen in the room without cables; secure and guest WiFi.
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The Issues with Highfive

The following issues from Highfive come from user reviews of the software, I was pleasantly surprised to find that their likes overshadowed their dislikes, however, like any service there is always room for improvement.


“The Highfive device will reboot occasionally to apply over-the-wire software updates. While this capability is very good, we have no control over when the Highfive device will reboot.” — Jason K.


“ The biggest issue with Highfive is the lag. Often I find that the screen I a sharing is at least 1 slide behind or several minutes behind. Sometimes it can disconnect altogether. This isn’t such a concern if you’re just doing a presentation, but for live sharing or videos, expect some lag to throw you off.” — Christopher M.

Switching between Screens

“I think it can be a little confusing for a normal user on how to switch back and forth with who is presenting and sharing. After you click on a meeting it takes a little bit for it to pop up, which makes my users a little anxious and they start thinking they didn’t click the link so they keep clicking” — Paula T.
“When you’re the presenter and are screen sharing, you cannot see the other participants, nor yourself. However, the participants can see both your screen and other video feed. So, it’s hard to know how things are being received. You have to rely completely on audio cues.” — Brookes E.

The final question to ask is, can video conferencing replace face-to-face interaction?

I think it truly depends on the ability of the business to implement technology and the type of work conducted through video calls. Not all business are ready to make the technological commitment, however I think it is worth a try.

It is a great way to implement external collaboration as a basis for brainstorming, planning and presenting between a team. Any type of collaboration between your employees is valuable and video conferencing can make this possible without having to be in the same room.

It is also important to train your employees, the technology is only as good as the person using it. Many problems arise simply because people do not know how to use the service.

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