UX Lisbon — Jun, 2015

Natalia Rey
Mar 3, 2016 · 4 min read

On of the things that it was really good from was the fact I was in UX Lisbon 4 years ago and how some people (where there and now) have changed their minds in radical points of view.

A summary of the 4 workshops I took in UX Lisbon.

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Designing from Context (by Andrew Hinton)
This workshop was about how design should be part of a the context/ environment. I was working with 2 people, 1 from Finland and another from Denmark and the perspective from us were completely different from the start. At the end we joined forces in order to deliver something and the experience was amazing!
That possibility was nice too… In general, different groups had different results pending on the culture background and how technology has to help users, not force them to get out of reality. Improve life style, not remove them from it!!!

Structured Content Modelling (by Mike Atherton)
This workshop was about information architect and how we can connect links in an smart way in our sites. It was fantastic learning how we can organize the information related to content (specially when you have deep volume of content) and modelling it.

Hypothesis Writing for Lean UX (by Josh Seiden)
This workshop was one of the best for me because we had to manage our assumptions, moving fast from there in order to find a method to prove that our assumptions were right (and then they become hypothesis).
He shown us formulas to write better assumptions and manage time in order to consider time to make research fast.

User Story Mapping (by Adrian Howard)
This workshop was about how UX designers should be involved from the beginning in the process of writing a User Story. How we have to prioritize them in order to evaluate MVP or just to have some connection with the user process.

And a very special talk with Josh Clark: Magical UX and the Internet of Things
This was really good. I saw him in a presentation last time I went to UX Lisbon (4 years ago) and he was very enthusiastic with the possibility to engage people using more and more mobile apps. Now he was talking about we went to far…
How the engagement was creating a world where amazing things are happening in front of us but we are so busy checking messages, in Facebook, replying emails, twittering and re twittering… but the world is moving around our space, our real life is happening right now…
How business and UX designers are responsible for users taking some actions…are we creating the opposite expected reaction? Non focus, the virtual space and the non sense of how we are here and several virtual spaces at the same time without noticing it and how this is changing even the laws.

He provides different tips of engaging in real products, related to real process instead of removing the user from it.

In General
TEAM WORK and team work again. Processes in general. Sometimes is worthwhile to spend time and (grooming it) just in order to conceptualize and then delivering better quality process. And amazing projects UX people are delivering to the world.

Sometimes we design at the same time we deliver/developing and we don’t spend time in the process (there is a whole UX process in the world) and it’s worthwhile to remind to us it and find a way to implement it.

Process and UX approach in a team environment from the planning to delivering makes better quality products.
I think we should be involved from the beginning to the features or even the decision to add them or not.

Always something new to learn and how other people work in similar roles or positions having different challenges. Also the fact, we use similar process or if we are not, how we can improve in a way that we deliver better quality products.

Highlights from the conference:

I came back full of energy and motivated to improve and deliver better quality in everything I’m doing.

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