you don’t need that second plate of food
you don’t need that chocolate cake
you don’t need that sugary drink
you don’t need those extra calories


look at that picture
look at how cute and small you were
look at how attractive and desirable you were
look at how you could be again


you need to lose just a few more pounds
you need to eat less
you need to look pretty again
you need that flat stomach again


look at the girl in the mirror
look how bloated she is
look how fat her thighs are
look how huge she is


you don’t need to listen to them
you don’t need them
you don’t need to talk to any of them
you don’t need any other friends because you have me


look how close you are
look how pretty you’re going to look
look at those showing bones
look at the compliments you’re getting


you are getting delicate now, that’s why you’re hurting
you are getting prettier now, that’s why you’re alone
you are getting purer now, that’s why you’re empty
you are getting smaller now, that’s why you fainted


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