Why we created Sanity & Self

A manifesto of why self-care is essential for women from the makers of the Sanity & Self wellness app.

Natalie Beaulieu
Aug 20, 2018 · 4 min read
Screenshots from the Sanity & Self mobile app. It is free for iOS and Android.

We’re not getting the self-care we need. You’re not either.

The world we live in today moves fast. We all have higher expectations, more responsibility, less money, and more uncertainty than ever before. Multi-tasking is considered normal. Doing only one thing at a time feels like a luxury we cannot afford to take.

We need to make ourselves a priority again. Self-care shouldn’t be just another thing on our to-do list that is pushed off for another day.

Collectively as women, we are suffering from an appalling lack of self-care. This deficit has left us feeling exhausted, anxious. stressed-out, overworked and extremely underappreciated. We are hardwired to put our own needs at the absolute bottom of our own priority list, resulting in those needs being overlooked and ignored day after day. We are so busy being busy we don’t have time to think about caring for ourselves. We would never dream of treating anyone else the way we have grown to treat ourselves, and the time to make self-care a daily priority is now.

Self-care is not the same as selfish.

Self-care is an essential activity for every single person. Just the way we feed our bodies, we also need to care for them everyday through mindfulness, breathing, meditation, exercise, and more.

While it’s become acceptable, even cliché, to hear our friends complain about how tired they are, how stressed-out they are, and how overwhelmed they feel, it doesn’t have to be that way. Not anymore. Life isn’t a circus, you don’t have to be great at juggling. By caring for ourselves and reminding those we care about to do the same we can change the conversation from how overwhelmed we are, to how cared for we’ve become.

Self-caring together is better. Why self-care alone?

How about a little accountability with a heavy side of fun? Self-care doesn’t have to be a solo journey, and it isn’t when you are plugged in, connected, and motivated. Let’s inspire, support, share, and yes sometimes even hold each other accountable. Share our successes, share our struggles, share together, and grow stronger every day. Together! Pay it forward, learn from those who went before you, remind each other of how far we’ve come and how far we still have to go. Gain insights you didn’t know you were lacking, all by self-caring together and joining a community of other women who are on this journey with you.

Self-care can be simple, convenient, even fun.

Self-care doesn’t have to be complicated, time-consuming, expensive, or elaborate but self-care is absolutely necessary for creating a happy and healthy home, family, and self. Self-care can be–-should be–-achievable, affordable, realistic, and most of all expected. This is why we created Sanity & Self, to help us all make self-care easier, more enjoyable, and less time-consuming. So you can care for yourself, connect with others, and start caring for yourself every day.

Our friends, our sisters, our children, & the world is watching

Our friends are watching, our family is watching, our children are watching. By making our own self-care a priority again we will reestablish self-care as a priority for all women, current and future again. By saying this is our time and we’re going to take it, we make it okay for other women, and girls, to do the same. Instead of listening to our friends complain about being anxious, exhausted, overwhelmed, and stressed out we can remind them to take care of themselves, and remind ourselves to do the same.

We would never dream of caring for our children the way we care for ourselves, and we would be heartbroken to realize our children took care of themselves the way we have been caring for ourselves. We can show our children, our sisters and friends, that self-care is a priority, we can include our daughters in our self-care routines and by extension, we can teach them that self-care is necessary for their life. With this simple act, we can change the world, change parenting, change lives. We can empower a whole new generation to care for themselves daily, effectively, with intention, and conveniently.

Sanity & Self has a community of like-minded women that are ready to prioritize their needs and better care for themselves.

We hope that you will join us on this self-care journey! Click here to download the free Sanity & Self app on iOS and Android. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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