Mini Mission 1: Analysis and reflection
Digital Society admin

I chose Option 1C: Digital Society in Art/Culture. For this, I have chosen to examine Banksy’s ‘Mobile Lovers’ (2014).

This artwork appeared on the side of a youth club building in Bristol in 2014, and it’s message is still relevant today. This artwork describes the constant attention the digital world demands from us. As well as being present in the moment and focusing on ‘real-life’ relationships, we also have concern over our online activity. Our ‘self’ is fragmented- we are online and offline in the same moment. How often do you and your friends get together, and then sit in silence scrolling through social media?

I think that people need to limit the amount of time and attention they put into their online activities/presence, because too much emphasis on how many likes your Instagram post received, or keeping up with the latest Twitter feud, can distract from the ‘real-life’ moments that really matter.

My thoughts on this have remained the same. Personally, I have learnt to rely less on scrolling through my phone in dull moments, and have deleted the social media apps on my phone, making it more difficult for me to get online. Being in the moment is much more important.

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