A Split During Laughter at the Rally, Juliana Huxtable, 2017

Installation shot of A Split During Laughter at the Rally, Juliana Huxtable

There are three main parts of A Split During Laughter at the Rally, including five posters with refrigerator magnets, a video, and a yellow wall with a sequence of images and text.

The five posters each have specific topics that they speak to. These include gender & sexual identities, proof, witchcraft, wifi & the internet, and feminism. When you first glance at the posters they seem to be speaking about these topics in a leftist tone. But when you look closely, you can see that the posters are actually presenting about the topics negatively, or in an alt right fashion…

Metal walker placed next to a table

Content Warning

Abuse & Assault (physical and sexual)

Throughout the history of our society, women have not been treated well. They have been treated as property, have had to worry about assault and abuse, and have been treated as unequal to men. Likewise, those with disabilities have been denied access to buildings and jobs, have been subject to abuse, and have been ignored by the rest of society. Because of the way that both of these minorities are treated, when a woman is also disabled, she faces more obstacles than normal. One of these difficulties is violence, abuse, and assault. …

Stacks of newspapers tied with rope or twine

Media is a central part of American life today. It provides information and entertainment and comes in many different forms such as television, newspapers, books, radio, etc. It plays a vital role in the politics of this country and because of that, wars. The Cold War was one war when the media was very important. It not only was a means to educate people but it also affected the way the war was perceived and received by the people of the country. The Cold War was a conflict between the Soviet Union and the United States of America. The Cold…

The Burning Stable, Adolf Schreyer, n.d.

The Burning Stable, Adolf Schreyer

Adolf Schreyer’s The Burning Stable, done in oil on canvas, illustrates a stable being burned and horses who are desperate to escape.

Schreyer uses wide, impressionistic brushstrokes that seem to just be thrown onto the canvas with no thought. Examples of this can be found in the plants in the foreground and parts of the fence holding the horses in. The main light source is coming from the top left corner and shining down and across the horses. The fire in the back of the stable does not act as a light source as the horses are not backlit.


Die Orden der Nacht, Anselm Kiefer, 1996 and Self-Portrait, Morris Graves, 1933

In Anselm Kiefer’s Die Orden der Nacht (The Orders of the Night) and Morris Graves’s Self-Portrait, both artist’s try to communicate how they view themselves through their different uses of medium, color, and form.

The Entombment of Christ, Caravaggio, 1603–1604

Installation View

Caravaggio’s Entombment is an altarpiece painted in 1603–04 with oil paint on canvas. Perspective is used on ground slab so it seems to butt out into the viewer’s space. The viewer then seems to be standing in the grave receiving the lowered body of christ. This can be traced to the idea that when someone receives christ, they are saved. Another religious idea that is present within this composition is descending to hell and ascending to heaven. When christ was crucified, he was buried and descended to hell for three days in order to save those who would otherwise go…

Dirt road through forest

Roads are commonplace within developed countries. They help users get themselves, or goods, from point A to point B. However, developing countries lack this privilege of easy access to roads. In order to understand why roads are difficult to come by but incredibly important, I will address the history, debate, and technology of roads in developing countries.

Developing countries goal is to be seen as important on a global scale. In order to do this, they have to find a way to connect those who live in physical, social, or political isolation in order to alleviate poverty [1]. In order…

A book with no pages, C. Davida Ingram

C. Davida Ingram’s exhibit, A book with no pages, offers up a conversation about black people within different contexts. By placing black people in the forefront of various scenes and in various outfits, Ingram challenges what is perceived as normal.

Gallery image of A book with no pages

There are two videos in the exhibit and multiple photos on the wall. The photos are all similar, if not the same as the scenes seen in the videos. There is a lot of repetition throughout the exhibit, the images repeat scenes in the video and within the video, there’s the repetition…

Focusing on Facebook’s Filtering Algorithm

Facebook Bubble

Facebook is an online social media service that allows users to post and share information between their network. In September of 2006, Facebook launched its first ever News Feed. Before this, users were only allowed to manually search other user’s profiles in order to get the latest news about them. The News Feed allows users to see their friends’ status updates through one central feed. The News Feed has become increasingly complicated with the addition of features such as the “Like” button. …

remind logo on a blue purple gradient background

What to Design for when Designing for Those with Disabilities

Everyone wants to be independent. We, as humans, are always testing boundaries and wanting to do more by ourselves; We want autonomy. Autonomy can be defined as gaining independence from the constraints of the environment around oneself (Adlam & Orpwood 1). Leveraging technology to gain autonomy is important when thinking about how to design for those with disabilities.

This paper will focus on smart home technologies and how they can improve autonomy for those with disabilities. “A person with a certain impairment becomes a person with a disability because the…

Natalie Chow

UX designer interested in accessibility, designing for physical and mental disabilities, designing for kids, and gaming! Check me out at nmc-design.com

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