An Open Letter To My Hometown
Maggie Larkin

Thank you for sharing your story and for speaking out. Things will only change if people are honest with one another, and thank you for opening up this conversation. This is a community that is made up of many facets. Please know, that in Lancaster there are people who support you, and who support LGBTQ rights and liberal values. They might not be visible right now, but they are there. It is conversations like these that can bring them together.

The Lancaster that I know is one that values belonging. It is the community that gave shelter to my great-grandparents fleeing revolution in Germany way back in the 1840s. It is the one where my family chooses to live today. Today, much has changed. The city and county are growing younger and more diverse. But as you highlight, there is still a way to go to opening up attitudes and values for inclusiveness. But as long as we are willing to talk, and willing to be open with one another, change is possible. Sometimes we just need a catalyst.

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